About Us

We are a health focused startup with a flair for fun.  We intend to put the fun back into healthy living. We have revolutionized the dietary supplement industry with a simple maxim: “Work Hard Play Hard and Stay Hearty”.   Work is necessary because it gives us a reason to live and a sense of purpose.  It should make you feel contented, challenged, rewarded, motivated and optimistic.   Play is crucial for normal social, emotional and cognitive development. It makes us better adjusted, smarter and less stressed.

After all the work and the play we need to re-energize our bodies.  MonoGummy™ is at the intersection of play and work. Our full range of delicious, gummy vitamins and supplements has provided our customers with an enjoyable and convenient alternative to traditional vitamin pills and tablets.

As a leading supplier in the field of taste and nutritional technology, we cover the full spectrum of dietary supplements for adults and children.

Quality and Manufacturing

Established in 1977, our manufacturing facility is an FDA Registered and Inspected and cGMP Certified by NSF.  We have an unrelenting passion for excellence and it shows. Utilizing a time tested process; MonoGummy relies on over 30 years of experience in the nutritional supplement to produce top quality products for our customers.

Comprehensive Lab Testing

We place the utmost importance on nutritional accuracy and high product quality. In order to achieve reliable results, we require sophisticated laboratory testing, both in-house and through certified contract laboratories.

Some of the testing requirements include:

  •  Microbiology Testing
  • ��Potency Testing
  •  Heavy Metals Testing