Questions : I love MonoGummy™ MultiVites. Do you have anything for kids?

Answer: Yes , MonoGummy™ Children’s Complete Multivitamin Gummy is one of the best -selling vitamins for children

Question: How much calcium is in the MonoGummy™ Calcium Gummy Vitamins?

Answer: A serving of MonoGummy™ Calcium delivers 500 mg delivers 500 mg of calcium, as much as two 6 oz glasses of milk.

Question: Your MultiVitamins have vitamin C in the formula. Is it safe to consume MultiVitamins along with the C™ which also contains vitamin C?

Answer: Consumers should consult with their medical professional of PCP before taking multiple dietary supplements.

Question: What is the source of the coloring used in the MonoGummy™ products?

Answer: Most of our products use colors from plants fruits and vegetables.

Question: Are MonoGummy™ product bottles recyclable?

Answer:  Yes we use recyclable bottles which are BPA free

Question: Where is a good place to store my gummy vitamins?

Answer: MonoGummy™Gummies should not be exposed to excessive heat or moisture. They should be kept out of the reach of children

Question: Do you test for mercury in the MonoGummy™ Omega-3 vitamins?

Answer:  Yes.  MonoGummy™ Omega-3 vitamins contain high quality purified and concentrated fish oil that is tested for heavy metals such as such as mercury and lead

Question: Where is MonoGummy™ made?

Answer: All products are made in the USA

Question: How many calories does each MonoGummy™ product serving have

Answer: MonoGummy™ gummies have between 4 and 25 calories per serving. Please check the product label for the correct amount of calories per serving

Question: Are MonoGummy™ approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

Answer: As dietary supplements, MonoGummy™  vitamins are regulated by the FDA. We comply with FDA laws and regulations including current good manufacturing practices for dietary supplements.

Question: How do the actives of MonoGummy™ compare to non-gummy vitamins?

Answer: MonoGummy™  gummy  vitamins provide similar benefits as traditional vitamins or capsules that have the same nutrient types and amounts

Question: What is MonoGummy™ CoQ10 and what are the benefits?

Answer: MonoGummy™ coQ10 offers heart support with 200mg of CoQ10 per serving

Question: Are MonoGummy™ products bad for consumers’ teeth due to the gummy consistency?

Answer:  We recommend that consumers brush their teeth after consuming this product.


Question: Do I need to take multivitamins?

Answer: Multivitamins are very useful if you have a poor diet, but they lose much of their benefit if you have a good diet. Many people with good diets take multivitamins unnecessarily. Just supplement the nutrients you need instead

Question: Do I need to supplement Vitamin D if I drink fortified milk?

Answer: Yes.  Recommended dosage for Vitamin D is between 2000-6000 IU/day. Fortified milk has roughly 100 IU/8oz (a glass of milk).  Unless one is drinking 20+ glasses of milk a day, supplementation will be required.

Question: When should I take Vitamin D?

Answer: It is likely easiest to take Vitamin D with a meal, but you can also pair it with a fat like Fish Oil or a teaspoon of coconut oil.  There is anecdotal reports that it might disrupt sleep if taken later in the evening, so it might be better taken earlier in the day as a precaution.