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Crystal Welsh BSN, RN, CMBF

Crystal Welsh – Zumba Instructor   “Zumba is so enjoyable, it doesn’t feel like a workout. Similarly MonoGummy��� gummy vitamins are so tasty, I am awestruck that they are so nutritious and healthy.  MonoGummy™ vitamins hit that ultimate trifecta – they are healthy, delicious and provide the essential nutrients you need every day.”
Crystal Welsh is a Potomac, MD based registered nurse and Zumba fitness instructor who specializes in realistic approaches to healthy lifestyles. She believes in living a full life, loving unconditionally and helping others by doing all she can do to make the world a better place. She wants to leave her footprints on the sands of time, knowing that she did all she could to make the world livable and lovable. She inspires people to change their lives by establishing balanced eating habits, finding exercise that feels great, and learning to manage stress. An expert on the connection between happiness and health, Crystal advocates for self-care as the foundation for long-term wellness.
Crystal is a graduate of Howard University in Washington DC and she has reached thousands through her work in fertility, fitness and women’s health.
You can reach Crystal at